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MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

The association, gathering 76 ports from the Mediterranean and adjacent seas, along with 54 associated members, consolidates the entire cruise ports and receptive sector of the region.

MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

Few Mediterranean ports interested in cruise tourism are not already associated with MedCruise, which also includes the main port agents, tour operators, and terminal operators in the region, as well as several governmental tourism organizations.

Being part of the association implies significant support from a knowledge standpoint, as well as in external relations. MedCruise provides access to an extensive network of industry professionals, including ports, cruise lines, tourism authorities, and service providers. This network facilitates collaboration, strategic partnerships, and the exchange of knowledge, fostering growth and development in the cruise sector.

MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

Furthermore, MedCruise represents the interests of its members in regional, national, and international platforms or organizations, advocating for policies and regulations that support the sustainable growth of cruise tourism.

MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

The board of directors consists of 12 individuals responsible for various areas concerning the association: from professional development to port-city relationships, encompassing sustainability and security. Different working groups collectively tackle the challenges presented by the industry, identifying opportunities and influencing industry standards and practices. This collaboration strengthens the position of the association’s ports and destinations within the global cruise market.

Members benefit from the exchange of information, data, and best practices within the cruise industry. This includes sharing insights on trends, market analysis, sustainability initiatives, and technological advancements, promoting innovation and sector improvements.

MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

MedCruise organizes two General Assemblies every year, bringing together all members. Additionally, it hosts the MedCruise Awards and the Professional Development Course, covering various aspects of the cruise industry, such as environmental sustainability, passenger experience, safety standards, and customer service. This year, the course will take place aboard the MSC Fantasia from January 15th to 17th.

MedCruise actively engages in initiatives related to sustainability, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibility within the cruise industry. Members can participate in these initiatives, contributing to efforts aimed at reducing the environmental impact of cruise operations.

Regarding marketing and business development, MedCruise serves as a platform for ports and destinations to showcase their infrastructures, services, and offerings to cruise companies and other industry stakeholders through its events, conferences, workshops, and forums. Furthermore, it promotes joint marketing and promotional activities.

MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

Undoubtedly, being a member of MedCruise signifies a commitment to maintaining industry standards and best practices, enhancing the reputation and credibility of ports and destinations, potentially attracting more cruise and tourism business.

In summary, being a member of MedCruise offers ports, destinations, and third-party stakeholders in the cruise industry a platform to establish networks, collaborate, access resources, and promote sustainable growth, all while contributing to the advancement of the Mediterranean regions and adjacent areas in the cruise industry.

Summary of benefits of joining MedCruise:

  • Representation and discounts at major cruise events
  • Continuous promotion through MedCruise’s website and social networks
  • Access to MedCruise studies (statistics, benchmarking, etc.)
  • Connections with European and international associations
  • B2B meetings with cruiselines
  • Promotion in new markets such as Asia
  • Free Professional Development Courses for members
  • Networking opportunities with other members during general assemblies, exchange of experiences, best practices, etc.
  • Inclusion in key directories distributed to industry professionals worldwide (Yearbook, newsletters, catalogs, etc.)

MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

Figen Ayan, leading a diverse and international board.

Figen Ayan, Director of the Galataport Port in Istanbul, was elected President of MedCruise at the 59th General Assembly held in Barcelona in 2021. Since then, she has led a board covering all aspects of the industry and its organization.

  • Francesca Antonelli – Valencia, Spain – Professional Development and Senior Vice President
  • Lorenzo Vera – Motril, Spain – Destination Development and Vice President
  • Aris Batsoulis – Corfu, Greece – Projects, Studies & Finances
  • Silvia Coppolino – Taranto, Italy – Port&City Relationship
  • Cristina De Gregori – Genoa/Savona, Italy – PR, Communication & Marketing
  • Đoni Štambuk – Zadar, Croatia – Membership & Sponsorship
  • Aziz Güngör – Kusadasi/Bodrum, Turkey – Health, Safety & Security
  • Valeria Mangiarotti – Sardinia, Italy – Technical Environmental Solutions
  • Doru Mihai – Constanta, Romania – Regional Development
  • Jamil Ouazzani – Tanger, Morocco – EcoSystem and Sustainability
  • Theodora Riga – Thessaloniki, Greece – European Union & Association Collaborations
  • Anne-Marie Spinosi – Corsica, France – Events and #PortsTogether Activities

MedCruise, adding value to associated ports

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