‘Pioneering’ MedCruise strategy to attract Chinese cruisers captures attention at ICS2016

MedCruise representatives and members promoted cruise activities in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas during the International Cruise Summit 2016. The succesful sixth edition of the event, was organised by CruisesNews, on 22-23 November in Madrid, Spain.

MedCruise President Kristijan Pavic was among the speakers of the Summit and joined the other panelists in discussing the recent developments in the cruise industry and its prospects for further growth. He also highlighted the vital role of cruise ports -as well as that of MedCruise- in advancing the Med and its adjoining seas as a unique cruise destination, increasing thus market penetration.


Among the themes at the centre of the attention was the transformation of China to a source market, with ICS participants focusing on the pioneering MedCruise strategy in generating the interest.

Since July 2015 MedCruise has worked to create a strong brand positioning in the Asian market. This forms part of a pioneering MedCruise project that commenced in 2014 and promotes the attractiveness of MedCruise destinations to the Far East, in a strategy aiming to transform Asia into a key passenger source market for cruises in the Med ” MedCruise President noted on the issue.

Pavic added that the growing interest of the Asian market to cruise the Mediterranean forms a major opportunity for MedCruise ports that they are committed to take.

Besides, as he explained, MedCruise ports are happy to accommodate this increased passenger flow, as during the past years they worked intensively to evolve their facilities in order to respond to both current and future industry needs.

A number of MedCruise port members also intervened at the summit, discussing current challenges in advancing cruises in the Med. With cruise operations demanding further fine-tuning – i.e. berth allocation and booking processes – cruise ports and cruise lines emphasised, among others, the need for strengthening their collaboration.

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