Global Ports Holding uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016


Global Ports Holding

Global Ports Holding uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016
Global Ports Holding (GPH) is the world’s largest cruise port operator with an established presence in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Asia-Pacific regions, including extensive commercial port operations in Turkey and Montenegro.

Global Ports Holding is an international port operator with a diversified portfolio of cruise and commercial ports. As the world’s sole cruise ports consolidator, GPH operates a portfolio of 13 ports in 8 countries. GPH expects to provide services for over 7 million passengers and reach a market share of 25% in the Mediterranean annually.

With strong focus on operational excellence, enhanced security practices and customer oriented services, GPH aims to contribute in developing the cruise industry. A portfolio of award winning ports and terminals pave the way to transfer best practices among its subsidiaries.

International Cruise Summit 2016, 22/23 Novembrer 2016 – Madrid 


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