Iberoservice uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016



Iberoservice uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016

Iberoservice is one of Spain’s most recognized and distinguished travel brands. Founded in 1930, the international ground operator welcomes over six million passengers annually from Europe to the Americas. With head-office in Palma de Mallorca, Iberoservice has more than 20 offices across Spain, which provide unrivaled service in planning and implementing cruise ship shore excursions.
Fifteen years, to further serve the premium and luxury brand cruise clients, the company exported its successful strategies and buying power to the Caribbean and South America.Today Iberoservice has expanded operations with offices in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico and Cuba. Local teams render personal tailor-made service for each client with the benefit of buying power of a group of companies.

International Cruise Summit 2016, 22/23 Novembrer 2016 – Madrid



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