Atlantic Alliance uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016

Atlantic Alliance

Atlantic Alliance uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016

The ATLANTIC ALLIANCE is a corporation of 14 ports along Europe’s West coast, aiming to highlight to cruise companies the variety and quality of destinations across 8 countries each with their own distinct culture and heritage.
The ATLANTIC ALLIANCE promotes this “diversity of cultures – united by the sea” through different themes and develops imaginative marketing tools to bring these themes alive. For the current year we invite cruise lines and their guests to get to know the various regional CUISINES. This can be incorporated into shore excursions.
In the past seven years the ATLANTIC ALLIANCE destinations are happy to have attracted more and more cruise calls on regular itineraries, reaching 2,6 Mio passengers in 2015. We are proud to share our region and hope to do so with many more in the future.
The ATLANTIC ALLIANCE has a clear focus on what it has to offer and sees the importance of delivering. We know if we don’t get it right our cruise line customers have the ultimate movable asset. We aim for sustainable quality in good cooperation.

International Cruise Summit 2016, 22/23 Novembrer 2016 – Madrid 


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