Key interventions by MedCruise @ Green Ports Cruise Conference 2014


MedCruise actively participated at the Green Ports Cruise Conference 2014 that was held in Barcelona in 14 October 2014.

Invited by the organisers, Carla Salvadó, President of MedCruise, Thanos Pallis, General Secretary of MedCruise and Aimilia Papachristou, Policy Advisor of MedCruise shaped several sessions of the conference.

Carla Salvadó, President of MedCruise, under her capacity as Manager of Strategy of Commercial and Cruise of Barcelona Port Authority delivered a presentation on Port-City relations: Carla Salvadó, focused on how ports and cities work together to cope with the ever increasing numbers of passengers visiting cities via cruise shipsShe went on to presented the port-city integration in the case of Barcelona, detailing the different actions that Port Authority of Barcelona takes in order to build a solid win-win relationship between cruise lines and the city, while offering the authenticity of the destination respecting its citizens life and environment.

Thanos Pallis, General Secretary of MedCruise moderated the second session of the Conference focusing on environmental management practices in ports. During this session Aimilia Papachristou intervened on «Waste Reception Facilities in MedCruise ports”. Aimilia presented the work that was successfully completed by MedCruise in the context of the LIFE+ Project on existing waste reception facilities in MedCruise Ports. She also pointed out the importance of Environmental Management for cruise ports, highlighting that the development of the European cruise industry is a key pillar of the Blue Growth strategy and the necessity of collaboration with cruise lines.  Both members of the MedCruise secretariat had the opportunity to communicate to participants and the media how Medcruise port members in the Med and its adjoining seas are actively promoting sustainable practices and profile of cruise activities.

MedCruise member Valeria Mangiarotti, Marketing Manager of the Port Authority of Cagliari, had the opportunity to highlight and discuss the possibility to reduce the ships’ emissions at ports argued on cold ironing or LNG and presented a study conducted in Mediterranean ports.

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