Puerto de Huelva uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016


Puerto de Huelva

Puerto de Huelva uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2016

Port of Huelva: Port of Discovery. In the west coast of Andalusia, Huelva is located at the most important crossroads of the North-South and East-West maritime routes. Less than one hour from the monumental city of Seville and the Portuguese Algarve by terrestrial means transportation.
Huelva is one of the most natural province in Spain. This is proven by the 122 km of fine white sandy beaches, with protected areas as Doñana National Park or the Odiel Marshes Natural Reserve, located in the Port.
The province has a thousand-year history heritage result of the passing of civilizations such as the Tartesians, Phoenicians, Romans and Moors. It is worth mentioning the legacy left by the British Rio Tinto Company who exploited the copper mines in the last century. Rio Tinto is less than 50 minutes by bus or train from Huelva. There, visitors can enjoy the Corta Atalaya, biggest open air mine in Europe, the Mining Museum and a train travel around the mining area. The most remarkable event in the history of the city took place in 1492 when C. Columbus sailed from the Port accompanied by local sailors to discover the called New World. The Columbines spots are adjoining the Port area and very easy to access: the Columbus Monument, the Monastery of La Rábida and the very famous Caravels Dock –where replicates of the caravels can be visited-.

International Cruise Summit 2016, 22/23 Novembrer 2016 – Madrid



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