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International Cruise Summit 2014: MedCruise President Carla Salvado discusses the prospects of Cruise in the Med

MedCruise representatives and members promoted cruise activities in the Med and its adjoining seas during the fourth edition of the International Cruise Summit held in Madrid, Spain.

MedCruise President Carla Salvadό was among the keynote speakers that opened the Summit. Salvadό joined the panelists in discussing the current state of the cruise industry and its future prospects. She also highlighted the role of cruise ports, as well as that of MedCruise to promote Mediterranean cruise port industry in emerging markets, such as Asia, emphasising that the coming week a MedCruise team will head to Far East to brief travel agents of the region.

Two other members of the MedCruise Board of Directors took part in the panels organised during the Summit. Maria Cano, MedCruise Vice President and Cruise Manager of the Ports de la Generalitat, actively participated in a panel discussing the various new trends in cruise ports and explained the differences between “Marquee” and “Boutique” destinations, while Airam Díaz, MedCruise Director of Projects and Studies and Commercial Manager of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, presented port development strategies in Tenerife and middle Atlantic, while he also participated at the closing session of the first day entitled “Diversification of Cruise Line Logistics & Operations”.

For ports in the Med discussions taking place in such events are vital. The last weeks alone MedCruise travelled in Italy, Spain, and now we are heading to Hong-Kong, updating cruise lines, travel agents, and other stakeholders on the facilities offered by our cruise port members and the prospects of cruising in one of the most interesting regions of the world. I can only congratulate the organisers of these events for their efforts in organising such quality discussions” said Carla Salvadό after the event.

The event, organised by CruisesNews Media Group, was held under the auspices of MedCruise and was attended by 300 cruise industry professionals.

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