A united and responsible industry


We are living exceptional moments and we have to stand strong and united

By Virginia López Valiente

CEO Cruises News Media Group

We are part of one of the most wonderful industries in the world, powerful but small compared to other tourist or industrial segments. We can be proud to belong to the cruise industry and its community.

Cruise companies are an example of cooperation and coordination maintaining an unmatched commitment to the safety and health of their passengers, crew and all others employees.

They are also pioneers in prevention, detection, control and immediate decision-making acting always for the common good and have been cooperating without hesitation with governments and public administrations, although this has led them sometimes to be in the front line of the media and the focus of editorial which is sometimes light on accuracy. Cruise Companies deserve our support, respect and trust.

I am convinced that the great strengths of this industry will prevail and will come back stronger than ever!

We, the rest of the cruise community are here, suffering but giving support. A very important group of large, medium and small companies that have created the most united community in the worldwide  industry. Our industry.

We will return even stronger!





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