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Holland America Line Named ‘Best Overall Cruise Value’ By World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society for 22nd Year

Line also named top in the ‘High-Deluxe, 5-Star-Plus, Large Ships’ category

World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society members named Holland America Line the Best Overall Cruise Value 2014 for the 22nd consecutive year in the publication’s annual Best Cruise Value Awards.
Holland America Line also received top marks in the High-Deluxe, 5-Star-Plus, Large Ships category in recognition of its premium cruise experience.
“To have won this award every year for more than two decades is a true testament to the dedication by everyone at Holland America Line who ensure that we continue to offer an exceptional experience to our guests,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “To be recognized by this esteemed group of travelers is an honor and we thank everyone at the World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society for the award.”
WOCLS members are experienced cruisers who take an average of two cruises a year. The society reviews all cruise lines annually, and in its monthly Ocean & Cruise News publication noted, “To make this decision we lean very heavily on our members and their comments and their repeat cruise patterns which is a true statement of whether or not they felt they received the best value. The cruise line that in 2014 once again offered the very ‘Best Overall Cruise Value’ for 2014 is Holland America Line.”
“Holland America consistently offers their passengers a cruise experience worth repeating,” wrote Thomas Cassidy, editor of Ocean & Cruise News. “Holland America has built an incredibly loyal base of repeat passengers which grows each year.”
WOCLS cited Holland America Line’s “… immaculate appearance of its ships and its friendly Indonesian and Filipino crew, to its growing culinary program including Le Cirque and the more extensive choice of dinner menus in its restaurants to all the little extras such as canvas tote bags, hot hors d’oeuvres at cocktail time, chilled beer glasses, a no-charge ice cream bar and later lunch hours when in port” as contributing factors to the line’s selection as Best Overall Cruise Value of 2014.
To take top honors in the High-Deluxe, 5-Star-Plus, Large Ship category, WOCLS said, “At the same price point HAL still offers a far more elegant product and far more personalized service than other cruise lines in this category and remarkably, they are able to deliver this product consistently across all the ships in their fleet. Their old-world ambiance, friendly and excellent service, fine food and the extra touches that passengers do not expect. This combines to make Holland America Line the most repeated cruise line of our members and the Best Cruise Value in this category.”

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