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Oceania Cruises’ founders produce new art collection audio tour

Widely recognised for curating one of the more exquisite art collections at sea,Oceania Cruises has produced a new Art Collection Audio Tour for guests on board the award-winning mid-sized luxury cruise ships Marina and Riviera. Available from 1st November 2014 and narrated by Oceania Cruises’ Founder, Chairman and CEO Frank J. Del Rio and Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman Bob Binder, the complimentary tour provides stories and descriptions behind many of the 2000 + original artworks. The collection of museum-worthy art was personally acquired by Del Rio and Binder over a period of years and includes well-known stars as well as hidden gems, reflecting the way the line approaches itineraries.

As they stroll about the ship admiring the collection, guests will be entertained by Del Rio and Binders’ recorded commentary with behind-the-scenes tales of the art acquisitions found on the ship. While the two executives have a great appreciation for the arts, the light-hearted and often comical commentary implies that they do not consider themselves professional art curators, yet the narration reveals their immense passion and enthusiasm for the art on board the two ships.

The audio devices for the Oceania Cruises’ Art Collection Audio Tour are available to guests as a complimentary amenity and include recorded insights on more than 25 signature pieces of art on each ship. The pieces of art included in the tour have a placard with a number and an audio device symbol and guests can simply enter the number into the player keypad to hear the story behind the piece.

“We created the Oceania Cruises’ Art Collection Audio Tour and also published a book, The Oceania Cruises Art Collection, at the request of our guests, who are really enamoured by the artwork on board Marina and Riviera,” shares Del Rio. “We hope the tour will enhance the guests’ appreciation of the collection by sharing what inspired the artist, and what attracted us to the piece, but in a light-hearted way that will have anyone that knows us saying, ‘Here they go again.’”

While most cruise lines hire a third party to curate decorative art for their ships, the two Oceania Cruises executives travelled the globe hand-selecting every piece of art. From the masters Picasso and Miró to the modern art of Robert Mars and Damien Hirst, to emerging artists such as Li Domíguez Fong and Carlos Luna, the diverse collection spans a number of eras and genres. In a nod to Chairman Del Rio’s Cuban heritage, the collection features an array of celebrated Cuban artists, including Wifredo Lam, Cundo Bermúdez and René Portocarrero.

“Frank and I decided to personally choose each piece of artwork for the ship, which led to frequent debates over which of us has better taste in art,” explains Binder. “We selected pieces that are bold and interesting, that make a statement, provoke conversation and inspire emotion, much like the ships themselves. We hope everyone will enjoy a glimpse into our selection process.”

The Oceania Cruises Art Collection book is available on and at Guests can visit the purser’s desk for an audio device upon boarding Marina and Riviera beginning 1st November 2014.

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