Solán de Cabras uno de los patrocinadores del ICS 2017

Solán de Cabras

Solán de Cabras is Spain’s best known premium water brand. The natural mineral water has sprung from a single source in the Cuenca hills for more than 225 years at a constant temperature of 21 degrees. The smooth, neutral taste of Solan de Cabras makes it an ideal table water and the iconic blue bottle stands out in many prestigious restaurants.

Drop by drop, the excellence of Solán de Cabras  has crossed borders, with the iconic ‘Blue Bottle’ having travelled to Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Holland, France or Japan where the brand Solán de Cabras has become a recognised symbol of premium mineral water.

Solán de Cabras is much more than a water; it’s a lifestyle, the perfect water for those who want to take care of themselves every single day. Its combination between heritage and innovation transports you to a premium and healthy lifestyle.

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