San Miguel uno de los patrocinadores principales del ICS 2017

San Miguel


San Miguel was born in Manila in 1890, a time when the city was a crossroads of cultures, civilizations, innovations, new lifestyles and different ways of perceiving the world. That fact determined forever the life story and personality of the brand, which nowadays can be found in more than 40 countries.

A wide range of Lager beers forms our portfolio, some of them awarded in prestigious international contests as the Brussels Beer Challenge or the World Beer Awards: San Miguel Especial, San Miguel Clara, San Miguel Fresca, Selecta, San Miguel 1516, San Miguel 0,0%, San Miguel Eco and San Miguel Gluten Free.
Deep inside San Miguel it’s an explorer and a pioneer, it’s a constant journey that began in 1890 and has taken the brand across the world. Through all this years, the brand has searched, compiled and shared the best beer experiences.
And today it is still travelling, because as long as there is a port where it can land, someone interesting to meet, or a friend with whom to drink a toast, this journey will never end.

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